Ron Reed,

Ron brings the demonstrated ability and instinct to identify, assess and lead attractive investment opportunities in numerous niche software and information services markets. Ron’s experience includes various leadership, board and investor roles in operating and investment businesses. Beginning his portfolio management career in 1993 Ron joined Endeavor Capital Management. At Endeavor Ron was responsible for handling deal structuring, management activities and supporting portfolio companies growth through strategy planning and M&A activity.

Ron then went on to join Pennel Venture Partners in 1998, where he participated in operating the fund, performing due diligence and investment planning. In 2005 Ron broadened his venture background by joining Endurance Ventures as a Managing Member. At Endurance he utilized his business development, operations,  marketing and M&A skill set to improve all portfolio companies stability and drive growth. Mr. Reed then went on to become a Venture Partner at Greenhill & Co., where he was a lead advisor in all investment activity.

Additionally, Ron was the Chairman of the Michigan Venture Capital Association and the Eastern Michigan University Foundation. Reed holds Engineering-Physics and Math degrees from Eastern Michigan University.