“Excellent seminar format fostered a deep discussion.”

Manish Shah, Two Keys Real Estate

“A timely topic that was covered by a diverse and highly experienced group of real estate entrepreneurs. Their observations into the real estate market in NYC was insightful.”

Dominic Lucci, Park Avenue Capital

I have known and worked with Lois for over twenty years.  Based in New York, she has been a pioneer in the evolution and growth of alternative investing and is continuing this work today as Peltz International.  During this time, she developed a strong reputation through MARHedge and Infovest21 as a reporter and organizer of investor forums.  Lois is especially skilled at identifying and communicating critical hedge fund issues that are often overlooked or misunderstood.

Michael Manning, President Stratton Capital Management

Whether it’s timely news flashes or focused seminars, Lois always seems to get it right.  Her experience, contacts and deep industry knowledge have always made her and her seminars a valuable use of time.  No doubt her new venture will continue her tradition of success.

Marc Goodman, the Conyers Group and Esther Goodman, the Conyers Group

I had originally come to know Lois through the family office space. An industry veteran whose record of achievement is only trumped by her humility Lois has secured a mainstay in the alternative investment industry as a boutique. With such brands as MAR Hedge and Infovest21 she does not rest on her laurels, commanding the kind of high caliber of topical content both via seminars and industry intelligence publications, panelists and participants. Peltz International continues to galvanize the alternative investment community as an industry standard.

Gennady Neyman, Strategem Capital Partners

I’ve been using this news service for years and find it invaluable.  We’re inundated with information these days so it’s great to be able to get a news feed that is both timely and relevant but not overwhelming.  There are also monthly conferences which are free as part of the membership and always address topical issues.

Melanie Ashmore, Head of Investor Relations, Zimmer Partners, LP

“It was a pleasure meeting you at this morning’s seminar….I enjoyed the format and panel discussion as well as the networking opportunity presented. You and your staff did a great job and my compliments to a job well done.”

Dennis Rivera, Managing Member, Advanced Alpha Advisers.

“Illuminating, refreshingly current and relevant seminars.”

Mike Foley, Macola Management