John A. Chuback, M.D., FACS

DrChubackDr. Chuback is a Board Certified Cardiovascular Surgeon who has been collecting art, along with his wife Diane Chuback, PhD for nearly 15 years. John had the good fortune of being exposed to a surgical professor, early in his training, who was a serious collector of fine art and subsequently became an enthusiast himself. He and his wife later had a very special encounter with Roy and Ann Boyd at their gallery and home in Chicago, which further solidified the couple’s passion for visual art and collecting. After purchasing their first significant work in the course of that interaction, they have never stopped.

Dr. Chuback’s education in collecting contemporary art has been gratifying, perplexing, exciting, and unstructured. He now possesses a private collection from which he, his friends, and his family, derive tremendous satisfaction and pleasure. He hopes to share some of what he has learned along the way with anyone interested in getting involved in this extremely rewarding paradigm and lifestyle.