Webinar: Cyber, Privacy, Digital Trust and Rethinking Venture Investments


In this fireside chat, attendees will get an insider’s view of trends and opportunities in cyber, privacy and digital trust. Specific topics include:

  • Cyber in a COVID-19 and post- COVID-19 world
  • How cyber impacts every part of modern civilization
  • How a cyber break looks from the attacker’s perspective
  • Hyperconnectivity creates an unsustainable, asymmetric gap between attackers and defenders
  • Cyber, privacy and digital trust can enable businesses to become competitive
  • Investment opportunities
  • Unit 8200’s entrepreneurial and failure-tolerant culture
  • Rethinking venture to de-risk building and investing in start-up companies

Liran Grinberg, Team8 Capital

Lois Peltz, Peltz International (Moderator)

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