Seminar Audiotape: Cryptocurrencies and Private Funds: Regulation, Business Considerations and Tax Considerations, February 7, 2018


Tape of Afternoon Seminar, February 7, 2018

Two hour tape

Cryptocurrencies and Private Funds: Business, Regulatory and Tax Implications

Topics include:


Types of Tokens

US/Offshore Law and Regulations

Regulator perspectives

Tax implications

US securities and regulatory landscape

Cayman/Offshore securities and regulatory landscape

Business Considerations

Integrating cryptocurrencies in an existing fund

Starting a separate crypto fund or ICO

Valuation concerns

Selecting service providers

Onshore vs offshore

Other structural elements



Speakers: (sorted alphabetically by speaker’s last name)

Andrew M. Calamari, Finn Dixon & Herling

Bradley Kruger, Ogier

Justin J. Shigemi, Finn Dixon & Herling

Michael P. Spiro, Finn Dixon & Herling

Lois Peltz, Peltz International, Moderator