Seminar Audiotape: Blockchain Technology and Applications, October 9, 2018




At this two-hour  seminar, investors have an opportunity to hear various perspectives on blockchain technology. Potential applications in various arenas will be discussed. Various types of investment opportunities will be examined as well as how due diligence should be conducted.

Panel Discussion – Issues Relating to Blockchain

  • Defining Blockchain
    • The relationship between blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Evolution of Blockchain in 2018
  • Blockchain Applications
    • Smart contracts
    • Food management
    • Cross border payments
    • Cybersecurity
    • Personal identification
    • Voting
  • Role of Big Data Blockchain
  • Categorizing Blockchain Funds
  • Various Types of Blockchain Investment Vehicles
  • Due Diligence
    • Investor perspective
    • Technology perspective
  • Risks: Speed and Standardization
  • Regulatory Situation
  • Outlook/Potential Impact
  • Individual Manager Highlights


Ron Reed,

Johnny Dilley, Mempool

Tamika McCuistion, Authentys (Moderator)