Marco Soriano, Soriano Group Family Office

Soriano Group Family Office

I’m a Partner and Chief Investment Officer at the Soriano Group Family Office, a leading consortium of global enterprises some privately-held others publicly traded, of approximately 500,000 employees with offices in the United States, Europe, LatAm and Asia. My key strategic experience involved:

• Domestic and cross-border private equity-backed and strategic mergers and acquisitions involving private and publicly-listed companies;
• Private equity and venture capital fund formation & management;
• Shareholder activist matters, including Advisory Board Memberships
• Public offerings and private placements of equity securities;
• Global Business Development
• Venture capital investments.

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the privilege of leading a number of the world’s most recognized mergers, acquisitions, public offerings and fund formation transactions.

Prior to joining The Soriano Group, I served as a VP at Goldman Sachs Private Banking side in London, UK and The World Bank Group as a Senior Financial Analyst under the Special Representative to the United Nations.