John Wise, Loci


John Wise

John Wise is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Loci, Inc., a high-growth tech company that is redefining the world of innovation by developing a platform technology which maps the landscape of innovation. Loci takes search and analysis to the next step. It’s software is the poised to be the leader of the next generation of search engines which looks backward to outline direct ancestors of a concept and looks forward to outline direct descendants of a concept.

John has extensive technical and engineering management experience with a proven track record of successfully creating, developing, and implementing new products and services, managing organizational and product growth, and creating process improvements.

Mr. Wise has been granted a patent pertaining to invention research, involving a wide breadth of technical disciplines. He has three more patents pending, and over eighteen more in the drafting process.

John is also an experienced inventor in auto racing technologies with around 1000 inventions. In roles such as lead mechanic, crew chief, design engineer, team manager, data acquisitions, and technology consultant. John has won several national and world championships in his racing tenure, including leading GMG’s Alec Udell to the 2016 Pirelli World Challenge Championship.

As CEO of Loci Inc., John is bringing a unique perspective to the team. One from the user’s eyes. In many ways he is the ideal customer for Loci. This helps direct the team to a clear common goal. In addition, he brings a refreshing optimism to the team, with the critical engineering eye for getting things done.