Adil Abdulali, Protege Partners

Protégé Partners

Adil Abdulali is President and Chief Science Officer of MOV37 and Protégé Partners.  Adil has 27 years of experience in the financial markets.  For the past 15 years Adil has been sourcing, investing and managing alternative investments in emerging managers.  He is developing new metrics and visualization tools to evaluate Autonomous Learning Investment Strategies that bring together data, data science, machine learning with cheap available computing power.  He joined Protégé in 2003, shortly after its inception as head of risk and developed the systems and analytics to manage early stage investing risks.  Adil used geometry to invent the Bias Ratio, a metric that detects return smoothing by active managers.

Prior to joining Protégé and MOV37, Adil spent the first half of his career trading fixed income derivatives at JP Morgan, Nikko, Nomura, and Barclays.  At Nomura and Barclays, he ran the systems and analytics groups for these products. He was a Senior Advisor at Capital Market Risk Advisors specializing in structured products and hedge fund valuation.

Adil Abdulali has an M.A. in pure mathematics from MIT and B.A. in mathematics from University of Pennsylvania