White Paper: Searching for Alpha, More Hedge Fund Managers Investing in Private Opportunities


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Hedge fund managers are investing more in private opportunities as they see it as a way to improve performance, attract investor assets and fun new ideas. Private investing is perceived as less risky today than it was 10 or 20 years ago as companies are waiting longer before their IPOs. They are more mature and often have multi-billion dollars in revenue. Recent tax law changes provide another impetus for hedge fund manages to include private investing in their funds.

In this white paper, Peltz International examines the reasons for hedge fund managers moving into private opportunities, the various structures used, why not all hedge fund managers are taking this route as well as liquidity issues and other concerns.

Table of Contents


Rationale Behind Hedge Fund Managers Investing in Private Opportunities

Separate Funds vs Integrated Funds

Not for Every Manager

Liquidity Issues and Other Concerns

Type of Hedge Fund Managers Investing in Privates


21 pages including tables