White Paper: Portfolio Analyses of Tiger Cubs, Seeds and Grand Cubs


128 pages including tables and appendices


Table of Contents


Portfolio Value

Portfolio Construction


Top 10 Holdings

New Positions Added

Positions Exited

Individual Manager Portfolios




Table 1 –  Detailed Changes Within Each Manager’s Portfolio

Table 2 – Top 10 Holdings Stocks Held by Tiger-Related Entities

Table 3 – New Positions Held By One Or Two Tiger-Related Entities

Table 4 – Stocks Exited by Tiger-Related Entities


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Julian Robertson launched Tiger Management, one of the first hedge funds, in 1980 with $8.8 million. Robertson was known for his long/short stock picking prowess. In the late 1990s, Tiger avoided tech investments in favor of “old economy” value stocks. The firm suffered from massive redemptions as investors withdrew capital and invested in technology. Heavy redemptions prompted Robertson to close up shop in the spring of 2000.

Tiger’s philosophy and culture lives on those who worked for him and those whom he seeded. Active in mentoring young managers, Robertson provided seed capital to more than 40 hedge funds.

In this white paper, we categorized 32 of these managers in three groups – Tiger Cubs, Tiger Seeds and Tiger Grand Cubs. We examined Q2 2019 13F filings for these Tiger-related entities to find similarities and differences among their largest holdings, new positions added and positions exited.