White Paper: Hedge Fund Managers’ Progress on ESG


The 25-page white paper explores whether recent studies are accurate which claim hedge fund managers lag in integrating ESG policies. The paper then looks at how hedge funds have been participating in ESG as well as some factors that hinder their response.

Regulations and proposals in the EU, UK and US are examined. The “Outlook” section discusses the impact regulations will have on the formalization process, greenwashing enforcement, institutional investor pressure on managers as well as opportunities for managers going forward.


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Table of Contents


Hedge Fund Managers’ Progress on ESG 

Recent studies –

Are these studies accurate?

How hedge funds have been participating in ESG                           

Factors Contributing to Hedge Funds’ Slower Response             

Differing time horizons

Not wanting to restrict investment universe

Short selling is not always recognized as an ESG strategy

Fragmented regulations


EU further ahead in ESG regulation than the US

United Kingdom

United States

Other 2022 Developments                                                             

Growing backlash against ESG

ESG performance

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine highlights shifting priorities

Emerging markets

Outlook                                                                                                 21

Regulations will accelerate the formalization process

More greenwashing enforcement globally

Institutional investor pressure

More focus on data and measurement issues

Opportunity for activists

More focus on “S”

Other themes

Appendix – ESG Background and Terminology 25


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