White Paper: Autonomous Vehicles – Outlook and Investment Opportunities


Considerable money and resources are being applied to develop autonomous vehicles. While the benefits are many – less accidents, more affordable transportation, less pollution, more free time, lower insurance premiums – safety remains the critical issue. Other roadblocks include how to train the vehicles, maneuvering parking garages and parking lots, interaction between cars, and regulation Due to these challenges, some companies have scaled back on their initial optimistic time frame.

In this white paper, Peltz International provides a status report of where we are with autonomous vehicles, where the roadblocks are, the current investment opportunities, and the outlook.

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction

II. The Landscape/The Participants

III. Where We Are Now

IV. Roadblocks – Issues that Need to be Resolved

V. Outlook

VI. Investment Opportunities

VII. Footnotes