White Paper: Artificial Intelligence and Implications for the Hedge Fund Community


Table of Contents

The Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence 

Benefits and Implications

Investment Opportunities

Use of AI in the Hedge Fund Community 

The Research Process

Predictive Capability

Potential Use by Allocators

Marketing and Legal Use

Investment Opportunities

Nvidia as Bellwether

13F Disclosures – Hedge Fund Activity in Tech and AI

Open Source AI start-ups

Concerns (and Possible Solutions) 

Job displacement

Copyright infringement


Data Issues



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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been used in parts of the investment arena for many years. However, AI has been rapidly evolving as computer systems are being developed that can think, learn and problem-solve like humans. The white paper examines why we are seeing tremendous growth in AI/Machine Learning now, what is different now than before, and what some of the major developments have been as well as the benefits and implications for the hedge fund community. Due to the challenges of integrating AI into hedge fund operations, AI’s current real near-term value may be in investing opportunities, particularly in companies that manufacture and support infrastructure.

23 pages