Survey: Allocators’ Views on Emerging Managers


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Peltz International’s 2019 Survey of Allocators/Seeders of Emerging Managers finds that less seeding/allocating to emerging managers is taking place. Compared with last year’s survey, allocators/seeders are meeting with and investing with fewer emerging managers. However, the average amount provided to each manager, at $31.2 million, is higher than the prior year’s survey. The average stake taken is 21.7%.

The survey focused on the number of managers met, the number of emerging managers allocated to, the amount seeded, services provided, the stake taken as well as how these parameters have changed over the past few years. We also asked about redemptions, challenges facing allocators and managers as well as the outlook over the next few years.

A historical comparison is provided comparing the 2017, 2018 and 2019 surveys.

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