Spotlight 2: Five Emerging Managers to Watch


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Based on interviews with industry veterans including seeders, funds of funds, family offices, and attorneys, Peltz International has come up with a list of five potential high quality emerging managers that offer something different than the typical manager.

The managers have been trading outside capital for less than 3 1/2 years. In two cases, the managers are preparing to launch in Q1 2019.

In most cases, the founding managers have experienced pedigrees that include working at proprietary trading firms, investment banks or established hedge firms. One has previously managed assets at a single family office while one fund founder is a securities attorney.

The strategies vary including long/short, emerging markets, macro, impact investing and multi-strategy with a focus on tactical approaches.

The structures are quite different due to the varying fund objectives. For example, one fund aligns itself with family offices by having a long term focus, being tax efficient, low turnover and a zero management fee with a sliding scale performance fee. Another is a multi-strategy platform consisting of internal and exclusive managers, each with a specialty focus. Yet another – the impact investing fund – plans to take a percentage of performance fees and create an impact foundation to invest directly into local communities through a number of projects benefiting healthcare and education.\

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