Seminar Audiotape: Opportunities for Seeding and Investing in Emerging Managers June 27, 2018




The two-hour seminar  explores how seeding is evolving, strategies of interest as well as recommendations for emerging managers.

Specific topics for managers include:

  • The current environment for seeding and launching new funds
  • Various approaches to seeding in different business lines
  • Raising assets, building institutional quality infrastructure with limited resources
  • What managers are looking for in seeders
  • What investors are looking for in the due diligence process
  • Structure and terms in seeding transactions
  • Regulatory issues

Specific topics for investors include:

  • Benefits and challenges in investing with emerging managers
  • Different ways to invest/seed with start-up managers
  • Negotiating terms
  • Family office case study: what to look for in selecting/seeding emerging managers
  • Seeder case study: lessons learned, what works…what doesn’t


Adil Abdulali, Protégé Partners and MOV37

Yehuda Braunstein, Sadis & Goldberg

Chuck Clarvit, Clarvit Capital Family Office