Seminar Audiotape: Meet the Niche Manager: Real Estate, June 11, 2018



Investors will have an opportunity to learn about various real estate approaches and meet managers they may not be familiar with. Critical issues relating to the specific strategy will be discussed.

The Program

 Panel Discussion: Real Estate Trends and Issues

Topics to be discussed include:

Where are we in the real estate cycle? How are investors protected?

What segments offer the most opportunity in today’s market?

What are specific cities that are most interesting?

What are the various vehicles to consider? the pros/cons of each?

What demographic trends are occurring?

How are millennials changing the market?

Manager Highlights (alphabetically listed by speaker’s last name)

Christopher Kelly, Amherst Capital Management

Jarrod Guy Randolph, Gotham Residential Property Fund I

Steve Sapourn, Aloha Capital Management

Dorian Lam, Cornerstone Land Abstract (Moderator)